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~ Nat Bennet: Computer Wrangler, Author of Simpler Machines and all around great human

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I forgot, what’s this newsletter for again?

It’s called Bookmark Beat, and it consists of a (mostly) monthly summary of my browser history. It mostly covers UX, Design, Business and People. I add my thoughts to this link dump and do my best to create some semblance of a narrative. I really hope you like it!

Here’s some more of what Nat (the person from that quote up top) had to say, if you still need some convincing:

I'm an engineer. I think a lot about design and how to do it well. I want to be better at it, and I also want to be the kind of engineer who does right by my designer colleagues.

So "what Dani has been reading this week with comments" is valuable to me. It's an opportunity to see the world from [their] perspective, and from the perspective of a designer in general -- what [they] think is interesting and why, what [they] value, what experience [they’re] bringing, what reactions [they] have that I might not have thought of.

So, if you haven’t yet, you’ll probably want to just go ahead and…

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